No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics

No Straight Lines:
Four Decades of Queer Comics

The most comprehensive anthology of queer comics ever published! LGBTQ cartooning has been one of the most vibrant artistic and countercultural movements of the past 40 years, tackling complex issues of identity and changing social mores with intelligence, humor, and an irreverent imagination. For the first time, the entire spectrum of this broad movement is collected under one cover.

  • 328 pages, hardcover, black-and-white and color
  • Edited and compiled by Justin Hall, and published by Fantagraphics Books
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Glamazonia the Uncanny Super Tranny

Glamazonia the Uncanny Super Tranny

She’s busting heads and breaking hearts! Watch in amazement as our heroine gains her powers from the bite of a radioactive drag queen, has a three-way with Fidel and Che, and tussles with that witch, Power Princess. Comics have never been so fabulous!

  • Finalist for the 2010 Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Fiction
  • 136 pages, square-bound paperback, full-color
  • By Justin Hall, with dozens of guest illustrators, and published by Northwest Press (also available as an ebook)
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Hard To Swallow

Horny werewolves, lusty pirates, and pugnacious porn stars populate the pages of this gay erotica series that’s truly hard to swallow! From mind-blowing fantasy to gritty, true-life, sex stories, these comics have it all. This isn’t your daddy’s porn…

  • Four issues, square-bound paperback, black-and-white
  • By Justin Hall and Dave Davenport, with special guests, published by Marginalized Publications and All Thumbs Press

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Wonder Bear T-Shirt

Wonder Bear kicks ass and takes names, but remains stylish all the same! Be the cool kid on your block with this expertly printed, ring-spun t-shirt.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery. $20.


Hero Bear Cards

My set of five cards featuring everybody's heroic bear icons! Lucha Bear, Cow Bear, Ninja Bear, Bear Barian, and Wonder Bear (who also has a t-shirt available!) are bounding into action on this set of 100% recycled, matte-finish cards. They come with envelopes, in protective plastic sleeves. $15.

Le Croisic: Our Night in a French Phonebooth

Le Croisic: Our Night in a French Phonebooth

Right after high school, several friends and I went to Europe to try and see the world… and wound up making one disastrous travel mistake after another. It’s truly a wonder any of us survived! This is a comic book story of the worst of our misadventures, when all five of us wound up spending the night in a phone booth, stranded in a small town on the French coast.

Also in this mini-comic is the story Marriage is Super! which details how I officiated a friends' gay wedding in a Green Lantern outfit in front of the San Francisco City Hall. No joke. Also included are a couple of pithy short pieces from early on in my comics career, including Straight To Hell, one of my most intense stories to date.

24-page, handmade mini-comic. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. $4.

Swallowing a Cobra's Heart and Other True Travel Tales

Swallowing a Cobra's Heart and Other True Travel Tales

The best stories happen on the road!

I traveled through Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia from January to March 2006. This handmade mini-comic contains writings and illustrations from that trip, plus a story from a visit to Peru in 2002.

If you get off on Balinese demons, Asian shopping malls, skinning cobras, pink river dolphins, and Hindu piercing ceremonies, then this is the book for you!

20-page handmade mini-comic. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. $3.

Only in San Francisco

Only in San Francisco

Autobiographical sex story, plus 8 Glamazonia adventures!

20 page hand-made mini-comic, with gatefold cover. 18+ only, please. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. $3.

A Sacred Text

A Sacred Text

A Sacred Text is my first comic book. It won the Xeric Award grant for September 2001. I wrote the script after seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls in their museum outside Jerusalem. The scrolls are biblical manuscripts sacred to a Hebrew cult that lived by the Dead Sea during the time of the Roman occupation, and were hidden in caves for around two thousand years before coming to light in 1947. Immediately after seeing the scrolls I went to a café in Jerusalem and wrote the first draft of "A Sacred Text." I spent the next year transforming that into a graphic novel.

The story deals with Nkota, an escaped slave of the great Thesanyi Empire, who is seeking to return to his homeland. On his way, he comes across the Qumari, a mysterious religious community hidden deep in the desert. He discovers a profound connection with the people there, and ultimately must play a crucial role in their destiny.

The comic is set in a fantasy world to provide myself more thematic and narrative flexibility, but is inspired by the first question I had upon seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls; namely, who hid them in the caves and what was his story?

48 page one-shot graphic novel with a full-color cover and black-and-white interiors. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. $4.



A collection of stories from the Bent Comix collaborative, a group of queer male cartoonists who have joined forces to help get our work out to the masses.

This is a superb bunch of stories from a stellar line-up of artists, including Belasco (Boo), Dave Davenport (Hard To Swallow), JC Etheredge (Anti-Heroes), Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf), Steve MacIsaac (Shirtlifter), Mark Padilla and Johnny Nolen (Planet Gay), Brad Rader (Batman Adventures, Harry and Dickless Tom), Sam Saturday (Load Comics), Sean Z (Myth), and me! I contribute a four-page, fully colored Glamazonia the Uncanny Super Tranny adventure entitled The Iron Tranny.

In Bent Comix you can both find rare and previously unpublished material from your favorite creators, and be introduced to new cartoonists at the same time. Everybody wins!

40-page, (mostly) full-color, digest-sized, flipbook with two front covers by Dave Davenport and Brad Rader. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. $5.